Reduce Fat with Cooking Methods

If you are trying to reduce fat in your foods in order to lose weight, then one way is to take a look at your cooking methods.

Cooking at home gives you the control over the way the food is prepared and minimizing the fat content.

Changing the way you prepare foods does not mean having to give up flavor and taste.

Of course it does mean having to alter some of the old recipes and give a newer, healthier twist.

So put away the lard and oils and try preparing your foods with these methods in order to reduce fat in your life.

Try some of the healthy recipes on this site to get your started with your new cooking methods for a healthier you.

Marinating Meats

When you marinade meat it breaks down the muscle fibers making a more tender and moist meal.

Additionally, marinades add so much flavor throughout every bite. 

With this cooking method, your can reduce fat as there is no need for oils as the meat will be tender and juicy.

This technique works well if you plan on grilling or baking your meat. So go ahead and season your steaks, chicken, turkey and more using a tasty marinade.

Broiling Fish

Skip the fish fry and opt for the broiler instead to help reduce fat with cooking methods.

Fish is filled with fats, but these fats (Omega-3 as an example) are the good fats that we need. Our body cannot produce these fats so we must get them from the foods we consume.

No need to add additional (and not so good fats) by frying the fish.

As with the meat you can marinade the fish so that it is tasty and moist. After you have marinated the fish, pop it in the broiler.

Just five or ten minutes and they will be ready to be turned. When the fish is flaky it’s done.

By broiling there is no extra fatty oil added which will reduce fat in your meal.


This technique is okay for cooking meats and vegetables quickly. Just use a canola oil or olive oil for a healthier fat cooking oil.

You only need about a tablespoon in your pan and let the oil heat up before adding the ingredients.

Food cooks better and faster if it is cut into cubes or strips.

Don't go overboard with the amount of oil you use. Remember, oils are all fat and can really add up the calories to your meals.

So lightly coat the bottom of the pan, heat it up and add your veggies or meats for healthier alternative to frying with lots of oils.


Vegetables and rice respond well to steaming. You can buy a rice cooker or, if you like oriental food, invest in a bamboo steamer.

Steaming preserves the nutrients and the original flavor of the food without overcooking it. This means you get all the natural flavors of the veggies without adding extra fat to the cooking process.

So put away the butter and oils and recude fat in your meals by letting the natural flavors come through by cooking with steam


Stir frying is a wonderful way to create a meal using very little oil. A tablespoon of oil is heated in the wok and then swirled around so that it coats the bottom and the sides.

When the oil is hot the meat can then be added. Not much oil is used so there is no need to drain the meat.

However, if you want to eliminate even more fats, simply pat with a paper towel to soak up some of the excess oil.

Once you have cooked the meats, simply add the vegetables and cook until tender. With stir frying, you can add some many different meats, veggies and other seasonings and ingredients.


This technique works outside in the summer and inside using a grill pan. Gas grills keeps the temperature of the meat even and can prevent the charring of the meat that is typical with charcoal briquettes.

A non-stick coated grill pan doesn’t need additional oil and you can drain away the fat before serving. There are so many different recipes that can be cooked on the grill that you will never get bored with the same tastes over and over.

So fire up the grill, put away the oils and let's getting grilling for some healthy meals.

There are many ways to cook food that brings out the flavor without serving up the fat. Try one or all of these techniques to cut back on the fats in your meals.

Check out this article for even more ways to reduce fat and eat healthy.

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