Free Exercise Calorie Counter

Exercise Tracker Spreadsheet

This free exercise calorie counter can be printed off or saved to your computer.

Use this file to track your exercises, time of day, duration and how many calories you burned during exercise. 

There are two versions of the exercise tracker.

The first is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and the other is a PDF version.

The Excel version is the most interactive and useful when tracking the calories burned during your workout.

You only have to input your exercise, duration and calories burned.

The file will then total the numbers for the week.

Download Exercise Tracker Files

To save the file to your computer, just right mouse click on the file you want and select "save as" to save to your computer.

Excel Exercise Calorie Counter

This is a zipped file.  File size is 28 kb.

PDF Exercise Calorie Counter

This is not a zip file.  File size is 28 kb.

There are four tabs in order to track 4 weeks worth of exercising and the exercise calories. 

Just open the file, record your data and then use the link to the exercise calorie calculator on this site to calculate the total calories burned during exercise.

The PDF version of the exercise calorie counter allows for you to save to your computer. 

Then just print it off each week and manually write in your information. 

You will have to manually calculate the total calories burned for the week.

Importance of Knowing Your Exercise Calories

So why is tracking your exercise calories so important?  Well if you are trying to lose weight then you need to create a calorie deficit.  You can do this in a few ways.  

First you can change your eating by consuming fewer calories, second you can add exercise in order to create a calorie deficit or lastly you can combine both consuming fewer calories and exercising.

Studies show that those people who eat healthy and add exercise lose weight more quickly and are more likely to keep the weight off.

How many calories you burn will depend on a few factors. The first is the MET, or metabolic equivalent of task. The MET is a physiological measure which expresses the energy cost of physical activities.

In simpler terms, it's a number assigned to the activity based on the calories (or energy) required to complete that activity.

The other variables are your weight and the duration of the exercise. Many exercise calculators will also have intensity level as well.

While intensity is a factor, it is already built into the MET assigned to the activity. For example, biking at less than 10 mph is assigned a number (the MET). Biking at speeds of 12 - 15 mph are assigned a different (and higher) MET.

So as you can see, the intensity is built into the MET assigned to that physical activity. To learn more about MET and the formula behind the calories burned, check out this article on calories burned during exercise.

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