Walking For Women

Walking for Women by Ken Smith

Walking is a low impact exercise that gives you both cardio and toning results.

It can be done at your own pace alone or with a partner, and gives consistent results. 

It is a great exercise for all fitness levels, but is especially good for someone who is new to exercise. 

You can start out at a moderate pace and once you build up your endurance you can increase both your speed and distance.

It is also a very low cost exercise.  Very little equipment is needed to begin a walking routine. 

The one requirement is a good pair of walking shoes.

By investing in the proper shoes you can help prevent injury as well as increase the effectiveness of your routine. 

Some people opt to buy special exercise clothes, but that is totally optional. 

You want to make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather, but most people already have what they need in their closet.

3 Important Steps

There are three important steps to any walking routine; the warm up, the stretch, and the cool down.

Warming up your muscles allows you to get blood and oxygen properly flowing before you begin to place added strain on them. 

A good way to warm up is to walk slowly for three to five minutes. 

You should wait to stretch until after you have done your warm up. 

Stretching cold muscles can lead to muscles tears which can be very painful.

When you begin your stretch you should begin at the top of your body and work your way down, making sure that you stretch each muscle group. 

Once you have completed your walking work out, then it is time for the cool down phase.
To properly cool down, continue to walk at a slow pace for five to ten minutes. 

This allows you to gradually lower the temperature of your muscles, and prevent soreness and stiffness.

What's Your Speed?

The speed at which you walk depends on your fitness level.  However, you should be able to talk to your partner, or carry on a conversation at all times through your work out, without being out of breath. 

two women walking outdoorsIf you are unsure if you are walking too fast, use the “talk test”.

If you find that you can not carry on a conversation without loosing your breath you should walk at a slower pace.

Walking is a great exercise for women because it is low impact and still effective.

It also helps to lose weight without bulking up your muscles.  Providing cardio and toning at the same time is also a big advantage. 

Many women are very busy and find it hard to fit in several different types of workouts in a single day. 

While walking helps you to lose weight, it also helps to maintain weight loss.

If you have successfully reached your goal weight, walking can help you stay there.

If you become bored with your walking routine, you may want to consider changing your walking location. 

Sometimes it only takes a change of scenery to reignite your excitement for fitness

Written by Ken Smith of Ultimate Fitness Gear, your best source for the Shaun T Insanity Workout program.

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