Transverse Abdominal Exercises

These transverse abdominal exercises focus primarily on the transverse abdominis muscle although other muscles will be engaged during some of the workouts.

The transverse abdominis muscle, or TrA, is one of the most neglected and forgotten muscles.  

However it is critical for strengthening the core and minimizing back injury.

There are not too many ab exercises for this deep muscle, however you don't need a wide variety to help tone and strengthen the transverse abdominis.

The transversus abdominis is the deepest of the abdominal muscles. By strengthening this muscle, you are helping prevent lower back pain and injuries.

This is because this muscle helps stabilize your spine and pelvis. It is a key component to your core muscles. Core muscles are those that stabilize the spine and pelvis during exercise/activity.

List of Transverse Abdominal Exercises

A couple of the videos above have a series of exercises to strengthen the transverse abdominal muscle.

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Benefits of Transverse Abdominal Exercises

Many abdominal exercises will inherently activate and strengthen the transverse abdominals but at a lessor extent.

To really strengthen this muscle, you want to do workouts that will target it specifically.

While there are not a wide variety of exercises like with crunches, it does not take a wide range of movement to activate the transverse abdominis.

In fact, slight movements, such as sucking in your stomach as if you were trying to touch your belly button to your spine. This simple movement will contract and strengthen this abdominal muscle.

The fibers of this muscle run horizontally around the abdomen and works as a girdle or belt. Hence the nickname for the transversus abdominis of the "corset muscle".

The primary function of this muscle is to compress the ribs and viscera, stabilizing the pelvis and spine. The TrA will help prevent a protruding belly. Basically, it helps hold the stomach in.

While achieving achieving a flatter belly is one of the benefits of strengthening the muscle, preventing lower back injury is a greater benefit.

Since this muscle acts as a girdle, or your weight lifting belt if you will, keeping this strong will help you when lifting heavy objects.

It has been estimated that the contraction of the TVA and other muscles reduces the vertical pressure on the intervertebral discs by as much as 40%. If this muscle is not engaged while lifting, you are more prone to spinal injuries.

Working all the core muscles will help minimize back pain and injury.

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