Toning Exercises On The Go

When you think of toning exercises you think of having to go to the gym or pop in your favorite DVD at home.

But you can tone muscles anywhere with these exercises. 

Exercise is an important part of our lives. When you workout regularly, you are increasing your life expectancy by minimizing risks of many medical issues. 

This series of fitness videos will tone and strengthen different areas of your body.

You will find some for the upper body, lower body and even your core muscles.

List of Toning Exercises

Check out these five easy toning workouts that you can do just about anywhere and at anytime. 

Try these out at home, while travelling or even in the office.

Don't let your co-workers give you a hard time, instead have them join in.

These can also be done in the gym, while on vacation or across the street at your neighbors house.

These are easy yet extremely effective exercises.

You can use the links below to go directly to a specific exercise.

If you want to view all of these workouts, just use the next/previous buttons located at the bottom of each page.

Benefits of Toning Exercises

Strengthening and toning muscles helps increase muscle mass and bone density.

It builds strength, increases range of motion and of course just makes you feel better about yourself.

The main problem with exercise for many is scheduling the time and finding the right place. 

We all know exercise is good for us and most know how to exercise. 

So it’s not that we are not well informed, we just don’t seem to have the time or the place.  With a busy lifestyle, making time for your toning workouts is a challenge.

Strength training and toning workouts are not just for body builders.  In fact, this type of workout has become more and more popular with many people and especially seniors. 

man and women flexing toned musclesOnce you hit the big 40 (me included) we begin to lose muscle mass, bone density and stamina.  For women especially, bone loss becomes a problem. 

When your body needs calcium, it steals it away from the bones when necessary.  By performing toning exercises, you help increase your bone density and increase your muscle mass.

Toning also helps reduce fat and helps you lose weight. The increased muscle mass increases your metabolism, which in turn burns more calories.

Toning can help sculpt your body, tightening up some of the flabbier areas. When strengthening your core muscles, you are also improving your posture.

These types of exercises, especially when combined with aerobics, can help relieve stress. It will give you more energy making you more productive throughout the day.

These toning workouts can be done whenever you have time at home, in the office or on the go.  The best thing about exercise is that its effects are cumulative.  Even five or ten minutes at a time will work to your advantage. 

For even more toning exercises, be sure to see all the free fitness videos on this site.

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