Senior Stretching Exercises

Fitness Video Exercise Series

These senior stretching exercises are geared towards people over the age of 50 or those with limited mobility. Of course anyone can enjoy these seated chair stretches.

Before starting your stretching exercises be sure you are properly attired.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Make sure your clothes will move with you as you stretch your body.

This fitness video series of stretching exercises for seniors are mostly performed in a chair. This gives you the added security of balance and stability.

This helps to prevent injury from a potential fall and is easier on the joints. However, you can perform these same stretching exercises standing up.

Just remember to keep your balance and only stretch it as far as it is comfortable. You don't want to over extend your muscles.  Over extending the muscles can create tiny tears and injury to the muscles.

Use the links below to go to a specific video and instructions. To view them all from the beginning, just use the next button on this page below the list. 

List of Senior Stretching Exercises

There is a total of 7 videos in this series. There are also a couple of links to useful stretches on YouTube.

The first is a warm up routine performed in a chair. It's important to first warm up the muscles and then stretch them.

You should do a warm up and stretch before any aerobics or strength training. Additionally you should do a cool down and stretch again after your workout.

The first 3 are for the upper body that will stretch your shoulders, arms chest, wrists, hands and lower back.

The next four are for the lower body that will stretch your hamstrings, shins, and other muscles. In this group is a complete 7 minutes stretching workout for the legs.

Lastly, there is a video that is not really stretching, but exercises to help with arthritis in the hands.

Chair Warm Up Exercise

Biceps, Shoulder and Chest Stretch

Lower Back Stretch

Arms and Wrists Stretch

This video also stretches the ankles
Hamstring Stretch

Shin Stretch

Misc. Lower Body Stretches

These stretches are performed on an exercise mat and not in a chair.

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Additional Stretches

The links below will take you directly to a couple of videos on YouTube that you might find useful.

Senior Stretching Exercises for the Legs

This is an 8 minute yoga leg stretching routine performed by an 82 year old registered yoga teacher.

You will need an exercise band and a chair for this stretching workout.

Arthritis Exercises for the Hands

This is another video that you can follow along. It is a short but useful way to stretch and strengthen the hands and fingers.

This is especially useful for those who have arthritis in the hands.

Benefits of Stretching for Seniors

Stretching no matter what age has benefits. It helps keep the muscles toned and lengthened. Stretching is a relaxing activity that can help relieve stress and let you get a restful sleep.

However stretching for seniors has added benefits. The muscles in our bodies become shorter and lose elasticity as we age.

Additionally you may experience joint pain and pain from arthritis. This causes many elderly adults to slow down and stop some normal active routines in their day.

Stretching can help improve flexibility making it easier to move about. It can help offset the decline in the joints which can help you move about easier.

Stretching also improves your circulation and can reduce symptoms of certain diseases. It is especially helpful for those that have arthritis.

As with any senior exercise program, you should check with your doctor and discuss any limitations they may have for you based on your fitness level and medical condition.

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