Seated Tricep Extension

Senior Strength Training Exercises Video Series

The seated tricep extension demonstrated on this page uses a light dumbbell weight.

This gives you that added resistance to strengthen this upper body muscle.

Chair exercises are good for people that need the extra support due to physical limitations.

If you have difficulty keeping your balance, then sitting down for certain exercises will still give you the toning you are looking for without the extra worry of keeping your balance.

The tricep extension, as the name suggests, strengthens the tricep muscle. This is the muscle in the back of the upper arm. It is a little used muscle and can benefit from strength training.

By doing strengthening exercises you can keep this muscle strong.

You can do this exercise standing up if you feel comfortable, however, keep a chair handy to hold on to or sit down if needed.

While the instructions below are for using a dumbbell weight, you can do this without any extra resistance. Just go through the same motions while holding your hand in a fist.

Exercise #2 - Seated Tricep Extension

Remember to sit up tall and keep the back straight as you do this. There are two separate exercises that are both for the tricep muscles. Below shows the instructions for both.

Tricep Extension #1
  1. Sit in the chair with feet flat on the floor and legs about hip width apart.
  2. Hold the light weight dumbbell in one hand and bring your arm straight up by your head reaching towards the ceiling.
  3. Place your other hand just below the elbow of your extended arm for support. Keep your hand on the arm for support during this exercise.
  4. Now slowly lower your extended arm down and behind your bending at the elbow keeping the arm close to your head.
  5. Bring the arm back up to the starting position. 
  6. Repeat this for as many times as you are comfortable then switch sides and repeat for the other arm.
Tricep Extension #2
  • While sitting in the chair, lean your chest down and place one arm across your knees while holding the dumbbell weight in your other hand.
  • Drop the arm holding the weight down towards the floor. Now pull the arm up to about waist high bending at the elbow. This is your starting position.
  • Now extend the arm back behind you while straightening the elbow. Bring the arm forward back to starting position. 
  • Repeat this for several repetitions and then switch sides.
If either of these exercises start to bother your elbow stop the workout.

Watch the video below to ensure you are doing the this move correctly. 

Not all mobile devices will display the video correctly. If you are not seeing the full video (or it's not displaying at all), click here to view the seated tricep extension on youtube.

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