Seated Abdominal Exercises

Senior Strength Training Exercises Video Series

These seated abdominal exercises is the last of the videos in the senior strength training series.

The exercises demonstrated in this video will work all of the major abdominal muscles.

These include the rectus abdominis, or abs, is a paired muscle that runs vertically on each side of the anterior wall of the abdomen.

This muscle is often thought of as two - an upper and lower abs. However, it is one long muscle. While some exercises target the upper region or lower region, whenever doing ab exercises you will be working the entire muscle.

Other abdominal muscles that will be strengthened with this video include the oblique muscles and transverse abdominis.

The obliques are the side abdominal muscles. Any exercise that has twists and turns are working these muscles.

The transverse abdominal is the deep muscle in the lower abdomen region.

Exercise #8 - Abdominal Workout

Like some of the other videos in the senior strength training exercise series, there are no step by step instructions.

The intent is to have you follow along as she explains and performs each different abdominal workout.

You will want to make sure you have a chair that is the right height for you. Don't do these in a recliner instead use a kitchen chair or something similar.

This video is approximately 3 minutes long, so it's not an intense ab workout, but rather a quick workout that let's you strengthen these muscles.

She ends this video with a leg strengthening exercise which was introduced to you earlier in this series. It's a seated squat. So if you want to skip that part, no problem.

However, it's a great opportunity to get some more strength in those legs and buttocks area.

Follow along with this video to strengthen your abdominal muscles all from the comfort of your chair.

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