Scissor Kicks Exercise

Transverse Abdominal Exercises Video Series

The scissor kicks exercise is one that engages the transverse abdominals as well as the rectus abdominis and obliques.

So this one exercise is a full abdominal workout. In addition to these stomach muscles, the hip flexors are also engaged.

You want to ensure that you do this one correctly otherwise you could be putting some strain on your lower back.

This stomach exercise can be easily adapted for your fitness levels. Beginners can keep their legs at a 45 degree angle and their knees bent.

The lower your legs and the straighter, the more advanced the workout. You can also either point your toes or flex the toes when doing this move.

By flexing, you are adding more challenge and working those muscles harder.

Your legs will make a scissor like movement with this exercise, hence it's name.

Remember if you start to feel pain in your lower back, check your position to ensure you are not putting additional strain on the back. 

Exercise 4 - Scissor Kicks

This isotonic abdominal exercise engages primarly the transverse abdominal and hip flexors. Proper form is critical to ensure you are not putting undue strain on your lower back.
  1. Lay down on the mat and place your hands, palms down, under your glutes with knees bent and feet on the floor.
  2. Now stretch your legs straight out keeping your upper body stable and flat to the floor.
  3. Lift your feet off the ground about 3 inches with toes pointed (or flexed for more challenge). Lift higher for beginners and bend at the knees.
  4. Alternating legs, kick your legs up and down. So, one leg goes up and the other goes down simultaneously.
  5. Make sure to breath as you do this exercise. Do this for several kicks and then relax. 
  6. Repeat for a couple more sets.

Watch the video below to ensure you are doing this exercise properly. 

Not all mobile devices will display the video correctly. If you are not seeing the full video (or it's not displaying at all), click here to view scissor kicks exercise on youtube.

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