Pullover Exercise for Back

Back Strengthening Exercises Video Series

The pullover exercise is the next video in the back strengthening exercises.

While the primary muscles target in this are not the back, they are the opposing muscles which help strengthen the back.

This workout is best done with dumbbell weights, but you can use resistance bands.

To do this same workout with resistance bands, you can either lay down on the floor or kneel.

You would then anchor the bands behind and above you to get the resistance you need for this pullover back exercise.

The main muscle target in this exercise is the pectoralis major, or the chest muscles.

Even though the primary muscle mover is not the back, this exercise uses most of the major back muscles for assistance.

Therefore you are also strengthening the back with the lats (the upper back muscle) more engaged.

This workout is just one in a series of many back exerices.

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Exercise #2 - Pullover Exercise

While the video and instructions below are lying perpendicular to the workout bench, you can also lie down on the bench completely.

Just make sure your head is off the bench so that the muscles are engaged while doing this exercise.
  1. Lie down perpendicular on the bench to where only your shoulders are supported on the bench.
  2. Place both feet flat on the floor with your knees bent and hips slightly below the bench.

    Lying down on the bench in this way will also use isometric strengthening for your rear end and glutes as you hold in that position.
  3. Place the dumbbell weight in both hands holding it at one end.
  4. Stretch your arms up above your head aiming the dumbbell weight towards the floor. Stretch back as far as you can.
  5. Lifting your arms up bring them straight up in front until the arms are pointing straight at the ceiling.
  6. Repeat this for several repetitions doing 2 - 3 sets.
Make sure to breath while doing this exercise. Inhale as you come up and exhale as you return to starting position.

Watch the video below to ensure you are doing the this move correctly. This video uses dumbbell weights.

Not all mobile devices will display the video correctly. If you are not seeing the full video (or it's not displaying at all), click here to view the pullover exercise on youtube.

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