Lower Back Strengthening Exercises

This series of lower back strengthening exercises will help you keep your back strong.

Performing these types of workouts exercises is one way to help strengthen the muscles and prevent back injury and minimize back pain.

We use our back muscles constantly with our everyday tasks like lifting, twisting and just plain walking. 

Strengthening the core muscles helps support and stabilize your spine, pelvis and shoulders and minimizes lower back pain. 

The core muscles run the entire length of your torso and the major muscles included in the core include your back muscles, abdominal muscles and hip flexors. 

Often people will strengthen and stretch their abdominal muscles and hip flexors but forget to strengthen their back. 

You need to include your back muscles in your strength training routines so that you are properly strengthening the entire core area. 

If you are just starting out with strengthening your back, take it slow at first so as not to cause too much strain and stress.  You want to prevent injury, not create injury. 

So steady and slow until you get the hang of it and start to strengthen the back muscles.

List of Lower Back Strengthening Exercises

Alternating Leg/Arm Lift

Superman Back Exercise

Dorsal Raise

Reverse Leg Raise

Straight Leg Bridge Lift

Exercise Ball Back Extension

Benefits of Back Exercises

Back strengthening exercises are more than just building muscles for a well defined back.

Having a strong back is crucial for eliminating or minimizing back pain.

It also helps prevent back injuries. About 80% of back problems are due to weak back muscles according to leading orthopedic specialists.

The main risk factor for lower back pain are weak lumbar extensors and the deep autochthonous back muscles.

Upper and lower back strengthening exercises keep the spine flexible and maintains disc elasticity. The muscle groups in the lower body stabilizers and spinal support muscles.

Along with your abdominals and hip flexors, some of these back muscles make up your core. The core is the primary support to your body's infrastructure.

There are multiple muscle groups in your back. The major ones include the lats (or Latissimi dorsi), traps (trapezius) and the erector spinae muscles.

Keeping all these back muscles strong will help support your body and keep your back healthy.

The healthier your back, the less likely you will have back pain or injuries.

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