Chest Press

Toning Exercises Video Series

The chest press is another upper body toning exercise in this video series. As the name indicates, the chest is the primary area of focus.

The pectoralis major is the primary muscle worked in this exercise.

This is the broad muscle that covers your chest. However, this is not the only muscle engaged while doing this exercise.

Your triceps, the muscles in the back of your upper arms, are also engaged as your press forward.

You will also feel this in the shoulders, or your deltoids. There are three major heads of your shoulder muscles. These include the posterior, anterior and the medial heads.

To some lesser extent, you will also feel your upper back engaged while doing your repetitions for this exercise.

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This workout is just one in a series of many toning exercises.

Exercise #5 - Chest Press

The chest press can be done using resistance bands, dumbbell weights or even a weight bench.

Depending on whether you are standing or lying down, you will feel more or less of the above mentioned muscles engaged.

Regardless of which position, you will feel this in the chest muscles.

The instructions below are based on standing using a resistance band. You can anchor the band around a stationary object.

If you don't have something to anchor it, just place the band behind you across your upper back. Wrap the bands around your wrists to get more resistance while doing this move.
  1. Stand with one foot stretched out slightly in front of you with the knee slightly bent.
  2. Place the other foot behind you and lean your body forward to create a slight angle.
  3. Start with both hands on the side of your chest with the elbows bent.
  4. Take both hands and reach out in front of you straightening the elbows bringing your hands together.
  5. Slowly return to the starting position.
  6. Repeat for several repetitions.
If you are using dumbbell weights, you can simply stand with feet slightly apart and knees bent. Press forward and bring the weights together in front of you while contracting the chest muscle.

Watch the video below to ensure you are doing the this move correctly. 

Not all mobile devices will display the video correctly. If you are not seeing the full video (or it's not displaying at all), click here to view the chest press on youtube.

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