Chair Warm Up Exercise

Senior Stretching Exercises Video Series

This chair warm up exercise should be performed first prior to moving onto any of the senior stretching exercises.

Warming up before a cardio or strength training is important for preparing your muscles.

A quick 5 minute warm slowly elevates your heart rate. This gets the blood flowing and the oxygen distributed to the muscles.

Your muscles should be properly oxygenated in order to minimize risk of injurie to the muscles.

You want to focus you warm up on the major muscles in your body. This would include the hips, legs, arms, shoulders and chest.

Once your body is properly warmed up and the muscles are oxygenated, then you can move on to the stretching exercises.

Exercise #1 - Warm Up

There are no step by step instructions for this chair warm up exercise video. Instead just follow along to do your chair warm up routine.

Be sure to have a chair that is comfortable but won't let you slouch. Don't use the recliner or bar height chair. The kitchen chairs or folding chairs work best.

This video combines some simple warm up steps as well as some stretching of the muscles after she has warmed them up.

Watch the video below to follow along with this video.

Not all mobile devices will display the video correctly. If you are not seeing the full video (or it's not displaying at all), click here to view the chair warm up exercise on youtube.

Other Warm Up Ideas

If you want to just do your own thing when warming up versus using the above chair warm up exercise, here are some ideas.
  1. While seated in a chair, lift your legs up one after the other in a marching motion. While doing this, swing your arms (with elbows bent) like you are taking a brisk walk.

    Do this for a couple of minutes and then try the next suggested move.
  2. This is a leg kick and arm punch at the same time. Kick your left leg out straight in front of you while at the same time you punch your left arm out in front of you. 

    Then repeat to the other side. Keep alternating for 10 or so kicks/punches. The next set of ten you will kick your leg out slightly to the side to warm up the hips and punch to the side as well to warm up the back.
  3. I call this one the bouncer. This is a shoulder row and leg bounce at the same time. As you roll your right shoulder, bounce up on your toe on the right leg.

    Then switch and roll the left shoulder while bouncing up on your left toe. Do this for 10 or 20 different times. 

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