Balance Exercises for Seniors

Balance exercises help build strength in your leg muscles in order to maintain balance and prevent falls.

These particular types of exercises help seniors improve balance and stability.  

Before you begin these balancing routines make sure you have a table or chair that you can hold on to.

Start out by holding onto the table or chair with one hand. As you proceed through the exercises try using just your finger tips to improve balance and stability.

As you get comfortable with using just your finger tips, try a few of these exercises for balance without holding on to anything.

Make sure that the chair or table is still next to you if you need it for balance.

There are six different exercises and videos in this series. A couple of these include more than one exercise.

Balance Exercises List

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If you want to just try one or two of them, use the links below.

Sit to Stand

This one requires a chair that is the proper height for you. A kitchen chair (not the stool height) works best.

Knee Raise

Side Leg Raise

Hip Extension

Posture Exercises

While these are focused on maintaining proper posture, they also help with balance. These are perfomed while sitting, so make sure you have the proper height chair.

Senior Balance Workout

This is a five minute workout doing senior balancing exercises. You will need a chair to help maintain stability while doing this workout.

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These are just a few balancing workouts on this site for seniors to gain leg strength and stability.

You can try these other balance exercises from the Mayo Clinic. It includes instructions and a picture to ensure you are doing them correctly.

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