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This page of Weight Watchers points is only for the McCafeitems at the US McDonald's locations.

If you are looking for the main menu items, click here.

Since the McCafe menu items are larger due to all the differentflavors, we decided to dedicate a separate page for those items.

For the WW members, the values shown below are for both methods. So besure to record the values that match the plan you are following.

The WW points are rounded to the nearest whole value.

For non members, use the restaurant nutrition information to track whatyou need.

If you are looking for the points or nutrition for Canada, click here.

Use the interactive features to view the Weight WatchersPoints or restaurant nutrition. 

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WeightWatchers Points & Nutrition

 ww points mcdonalds

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Note: All of the items below are onlythe McCafe menu items. Use the link above to view all the main menuitems.

Menu Group Menu Item Serv Pts + Org Pts Cal Tfat Sfat Fib Pro Carb Sod Sug
gCaramel Hot Chocolate w/ NonfatMilk, large20 oz1083803.52.50186830066
gCaramel Hot Chocolate w/ NonfatMilk, medium16 oz863103.520145724054
gCaramel Hot Chocolate w/ NonfatMilk, small12 oz752603.520114620044
gCaramel Latte, large20 oz12104301481156218059
gCaramel Latte, medium16 oz973401061115014048
gCaramel Latte, small12 oz7627095194011538
gCaramel Mocha, large20 oz131148017101166627060
gCaramel Mocha, medium16 oz1193901481125522050
gCaramel Mocha, small12 oz973201171104517040
gFrappe Caramel, large22 oz181667027170119619088
gFrappe Caramel, medium16 oz15135502315097916071
gFrappe Caramel, small12 oz12114501912076412557
gFrappe Chocolate Chip, large22 oz2118760312011211120099
gFrappe Chocolate Chip, medium16 oz17156302617199116081
gFrappe Chocolate Chip, small12 oz15125302314187613567
gFrappe Mocha, large22 oz181567026171119819088
gFrappe Mocha, medium16 oz15135502214198016071
gFrappe Mocha, small12 oz12104501812176512557
gFrench Vanilla Latte, large20 oz1194201481156019056
gFrench Vanilla Latte, medium16 oz973301061114814045
gFrench Vanilla Latte, small12 oz7626095193811536
gHazelnut Latte, large20 oz12104301481156218058
gHazelnut Latte, medium16 oz973301061115014047
gHazelnut Latte, small12 oz7627095194011538
gHot Chocolate with Nonfat Milk,large20 oz1184003.52.51197428069
gHot Chocolate with Nonfat Milk,medium16 oz973403.521146122057
gHot Chocolate with Nonfat Milk,small12 oz762803.521125018046
gHot Chocolate, large20 oz151254020121177328068
gHot Chocolate, medium16 oz12104401691146122056
gHot Chocolate, small12 oz1083601381115018045
gIced Caramel Mocha, large22 oz121046016101136525059
gIced Caramel Mocha, medium16 oz98340137194617041
gIced Caramel Mocha, small12 oz87280117083814033
gIced Coffee Caramel, large32 oz762609602436542
gIced Coffee Caramel, medium22 oz5418074.501295028
gIced Coffee Caramel, small16 oz431304.5301223521
gIced Coffee French Vanilla, large32 oz762409602418039
gIced Coffee French Vanilla, medium22 oz5417074.501275526
gIced Coffee French Vanilla, small16 oz331204.5301204019
gIced Coffee Hazelnut, large32 oz762509602437541
gIced Coffee Hazelnut, medium22 oz5418074.501295028
gIced Coffee Hazelnut, small16 oz431304.5301213520
gIced Coffee Regular, large32 oz862709602477545
gIced Coffee Regular, medium22 oz5419074.501315030
gIced Coffee Regular, small16 oz431404.5301233522
gIced Coffee w/ Sugar Free FrenchVanilla Syrup, large32 oz441609602181352
gIced Coffee w/ Sugar Free FrenchVanilla Syrup, medium22 oz3312074.50112902
gIced Coffee with Sugar Free FrenchVanilla Syrup, small16 oz22804.53019651
gIced Mocha with Nonfat Milk, large22 oz10839063.52147122062
gIced Mocha with Nonfat Milk, medium16 oz8629053.51105015043
gIced Mocha with Nonfat Milk, small12 oz6524053184112535
gIced Mocha, large22 oz131148016102147022062
gIced Mocha, medium16 oz108350138195015043
gIced Mocha, small12 oz87290117184112534
gIced Nonfat Caramel Mocha, large22 oz10837063.51146525059
gIced Nonfat Caramel Mocha, medium16 oz76270531104717041
gIced Nonfat Caramel Mocha, small12 oz6523053083814033
gLatte w/ Sugar Free French VanillaSyrup, large20 oz973301482153724020
gLatte w/ Sugar Free French VanillaSyrup, medium16 oz762601061122919015
gLatte w/ Sugar Free French VanillaSyrup, small12 oz6521095192415012
gLatte, large20 oz772801481152418020
gLatte, medium16 oz552101061111814015
gLatte, small12 oz5417095191511512
gMocha with Nonfat Milk, large20 oz10839042.52177324064
gMocha with Nonfat Milk, medium16 oz863303.522136019053
gMocha with Nonfat Milk, small12 oz752703.522114915043
gMocha, large20 oz131150017102167224063
gMocha, medium16 oz1194101482136019053
gMocha, small12 oz973401172104915042
gNonfat Caramel Latte, large20 oz863100.501166318059
gNonfat Caramel Latte, medium16 oz75250001125113548
gNonfat Caramel Latte, small12 oz54200001104111039
gNonfat Caramel Mocha, large20 oz1073703.52.51176727061
gNonfat Caramel Mocha, medium16 oz863103.521135621051
gNonfat Caramel Mocha, small12 oz752503.521104517041
gNonfat French Vanilla Latte, large20 oz863000.501166018056
gNonfat French Vanilla Latte, medium16 oz65240001124914046
gNonfat French Vanilla Latte, small12 oz54190001103911537
gNonfat Hazelnut Latte, large20 oz863100.501166318059
gNonfat Hazelnut Latte, medium16 oz75250001125113548
gNonfat Hazelnut Latte, small12 oz54200001104011038
gNonfat Latte w/ Sugar Free FrenchVanilla Syrup, large20 oz642200.502163824021
gNonfat Latte w/ Sugar Free FrenchVanilla Syrup, medium16 oz43170001123018016
gNonfat Latte w/ Sugar Free FrenchVanilla Syrup, small12 oz33140001102415013
gNonfat Latte, large20 oz431700.501162518021
gNonfat Latte, medium16 oz32130001121913516
gNonfat Latte, small12 oz22100001101511013
Click on any menu item to seeadditional nutrition information
Menu Group Menu Item Serv Pts + Org Pts Cal Tfat Sfat Fib Pro Carb Sod Sug


Pts + =PointsPlus
Org Pts = Original Weight Watchers Points
Cal = Calories(kCal)
TFat =Total Fat(g
SFat = Saturated Fat(g)
Fib = Dietary Fiber(g)
Pro= Protein(g)
Carb = Carbohydrates(g)
Sod = Sodium(mg),
Sug = Sugar(g)

The McDonald's (US) restaurant nutrition information used tocalculate Weight Watchers points and points plus were obtained on01/2014 at thefollowing link;

McDonald's (US) Nutrition

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