Weight Loss Mobile App

Weight Loss Mobile App

This weight loss mobile app, NutriScore 2 Go, can be found in your iTunes store. If you have already purchased the app, we want to thank you and let you know we are here for any questions, support or comments.

If you want to learn more about this mobile app, use the link below to view the details in the iTunes store.

You can also read through this help page for more details as well as read our introduction page on this nutrition mobile app.

If you have not yet purchased this app but are interested, then use the links below to view the details in the market.

NutriScore 2 Go Weight Loss Mobile App in iTunes Store

NutriScore 2 Go Android Version

This help page is designed to help you get familiar with your new mobile weight loss tool. So get ready, get mobile and lose weight.next paragraphs here

NutriScore 2 Go Help and FAQ

NutriScore 2 Go is Exercise 4 Weight Loss Restaurant Points for on the go. That's right, we have gone mobile.

This weight loss mobile app takes the restaurants on this site mobile.

You can easily look up a restaurant from your smart phone (iPhones and Android phones) or your iPod or iPad.

How To Use the NutriScore 2 Go Application

This section is an easy step by step on how to use the weight loss mobile app.

Once you have installed the application, you will find it among your applications on your phone. Simply launch the application to get started.

There are several key areas of the application covered on this help page. You can scroll down to read all of the help, or use the links below to view help on a specific area of the application.

Restaurants            Favorites        Calculators            Help / Feedback

Searching for Restaurants

nutriscore 2 go main screenBy default, your home page of the application is the restaurant list tab.

From here you can search for your favorite places to eat. 


Search By Letter of the Alphabet

This method is quick and easy. Simply click on the letter of the alphabet that the restaurant begins with. 

For example, if you are looking for Arby's, then click on the letter A.

You will be brought to a screen listing all restaurants in the database that start with the letter A. 

From here, just scroll through the list until you find what you are looking for in this weight loss mobile app.

Search By Search Term

screen shotTo search for a restaurant by name (or partial name), click in the search box. The keypad will open and you simply type in your search term.

Click return (or go) once you have entered your search term. 

You will then be brought to a list of results in alphabetical order. 

Simply scroll through the list until you find the one you want.

Search Tips


The more precise your search term, the fewer results to scroll through.

Being more exact or more broad will give you different results.

For example, if you are looking for Carl's Jr., typing in just “car” (without the quotes) will display a list with all restaurants that have “car” in the name.

However, if you type in “carl” (again without the quotes) you will be returned a list of all restaurants that have “carl” in the name.

This search would be a much shorter list (in fact, it only returns Carl's Jr. on the list).

Another tip on searching with this weight loss mobile app is using special characters like an apostrophe ('). 

Because programming language often reserves certain special characters to mean something, often these characters when used in a search term may not bring the results you are looking for.

For example, if you typed in “Arby's” (without the quotes) in your search term, your results would be blank. Similarly if you typed in Arbys without the apostrophe, again your results would be blank. 

To ensure you find what you are looking for, end your search term with just “Arby” (without quotes) and you will be returned the results of Arby's.

Search by “All Restaurants”

This method is the easiest of them all for this weight loss mobile app but will return the largest list. In fact, it returns all restaurants in the database.

On the results screen when using this method, you can scroll through the list. You also have an option to select the letter of the alphabet using the letters to the right of the list. 

This will jump you to that area of the list. You may still need to scroll up or down once you are jumped to that section, but will shorten the amount of scrolling you need to do.

Once you find your restaurant in your results list on the weight loss mobile app, click on the blue arrow symbol to open up that restaurant.

Viewing the Restaurant Menu Items

Once you have found the restaurant you are looking, you then want to view the nutrition and NutriPts (Weight Watchers Points) for your favorite menu items.

screen shot

Menu Categories

Menu items are grouped into categories (when possible) and sub-categories (when needed). 

These categories are generally the standard grouping you would find on the menu. 

For example, appetizers, salads, desserts, etc. would each have their own group. 

Depending on the restaurant, you will find other menu groups such as chicken, steak, smoothies, etc. 

The menu categories are restaurant dependent.

Menu Sub-Categories

Sometimes, a menu category can have one or several sub-categories. A good example would be the category “Salads”. Often restaurant nutrition lists their dressings and/or toppings separately. Therefore, the dressings and toppings may be a sub-category within the category.

Another time you may find sub-categories within this weight loss mobile app is when a restaurant has a “build your own” menu item. Sub categories will appear within the category section. If there is a sub category, you will see the blue arrow to the right of the sub category. To view these menu items, simply click on the blue arrow to go to that page.

Menu Items

screen shot16Once you have selected the menu item category, this will take you to all the menu items within that group. 

These items are listed in alphabetical order when viewing the results in this weight loss mobile app.

Here you will find the item description, serving size (if available), restaurant nutrition and the Weight Watchers Points.

The WW Points in the mobile app are called Score for original points (highlighted in blue) and Score + for Points Plus values (highlighted in red).

You can easily share your favorite menu items with friends using the Email and/or Facebook share options.

Simply click on the buttons, add email addresses or login to Facebook and your friends will receive all the nutrition and points information for that menu item.


Because the list of restaurants is large, and you may only be interested in just a few of your favorites, this application makes it easy for you to find and use those favorites again and again.

How to Save a Favorite

screen shotOnce you have found your restaurant and are on the main restaurant page, a "Favorites" icon will appear in the upper right corner.

Simply click on the icon (the heart shape) to add it to your favorites.

For the iPhone version, you will be prompted to save. Select yes to save it to your favorites.

For the android version, it will automatically save it to your favorites tab.

Finding Favorites

To find the restaurants saved in your favorites, use the “Favorites” tab to go to the list of restaurants saved.

For iTunes version, this tab is at the bottom of the application screen. For the android version, the tabs are at the top of the screen.

The default home page for Favorites tab is simply a list of the restaurants you saved as favorites.

On this page, simply scroll through your list to find the restaurant you are looking for. Then use the right blue arrow to go to that restaurants menu grouping. The navigation is the same as when using the Restaurants tab on this weight loss mobile app.

Editing Favorites

There may be times when you want to remove a favorite. Perhaps you added it accidentally or you just don't go there that often anymore. Editing the favorites list is quick and easy. However, the way to edit/remove is different for this weight loss mobile app depending on if it is an iPhone or android phone.

iTunes Version
When you are on your favorites list, you will see an “Edit” button in the upper right corner. Click on this to enter the edit mode.

All restaurants in the list will now have a red minus sign. Click on this minus sign. Once you have clicked, a “Delete” button will appear next to that restaurant. Just click on the delete to remove it from your list.

If you don't want to delete this, just click on the icon to the left. Note that the red minus sign is now rotated when in edit mode for that restaurant. Clicking on the icon will take you out of edit mode for that restaurant and the delete button will disappear.

When you are done deleting the restaurants you no longer want in your favorites, click on the done button in the upper right of the application. You can always re-add a restaurant to your list by using the steps above under “How to Save a Favorite”.

Android Version

To remove a restaurant from your favorites list in this version of the weight loss mobile app, just click and hold on that restaurant. A pop up will display for your to confirm deleting this from your favorites list. Just click on the delete, and that restaurant is removed from the favorites list.


Using the calculators is fairly self explanatory. The calculators are a very useful weight loss mobile app tool. While the calculators are fairly straight forward, there are a few navigation tips that you should be aware of. To get to the calculators, click on the “Calculators” tab in the bottom area of the application.

When you first visit the calculators tab for that session, you will be brought to the home screen. This screen is simply a selection screen in which you will choose the calculator you want to use.

Selecting the Calculator

There are 3 calculators to select from in the weight loss mobile app. Just click on the Score Calculators tab to see the calculators. Remember, Score is the terminology used for Points in this weight loss mobile app.

NutriScore Plus

screen shotIf you are a WW member following the new points plus sytem, then this calculator will give you the points plus values for the foods you eat.

This calculator uses Total Fat, Carbohydrates, Protein and Dietary Fiber to give the food item a nutritional points plus value.

To start using this tool, simply click on the first input field (Fat).

This will open up the keyboard for you to type in your entries. Input the total fat for your food item and select next on the keypad.

screen shotThe next button will advance you through each field in order for you to input the information.

Once all information has been input, click on "done".

Now that all the information is in the calculator, simply click on calculate to get the results.


This calculator is for all the Weight Watchers that want to give their foods a nutritional points value based on just a few nutritional elements. These are the values for the original WW points system.

This calculator uses Calories, Total Fat and Dietary Fiber to assign a nutritional points value. Since fiber information only uses up to 4, this field is a drop down selection field and not an input field.

Just click on the down arrow, select the proper fiber number (if over 4, select 4) and then you can calculate the values.

NutriScore Plus Allowance

screen shotIf you want to lose weight and are tracking points plus values, then this calculator will help you determine your daily allowance for NutriPts Plus values.

This will give you the results for your daily allowance on the Weight Watchers plan.

By providing some personal information, like gender, age, weight and height, you can find out how many points plus values you are allowed each day on your weight loss plan.

This calculator uses either pounds/inches for the weight/height information or kg/m information.

Be sure to use the drop down menu to select the right measurement for the information you are inputting into the calculator.

Once all information is in, simply hit calculate to get the results.

Calculator Navigation

To use the calculators in this weight loss mobile app is simple. Each calculator will require some input from you. Some fields are a direct input and others are a drop down selection.

Input Fields

To use the input fields, simply tap on the entry box next to the required field. This will open up the keyboard for entry. Type in the number value for that required field.

For iTunes version, simply click into the next field to add the next value. For the android version, use the next button on the keypad to move to the next field.

Hit the return button to close the keypad (for iTunes version) or hit the done button (for android version) to close the keypad.

Then you simply need to click calculate to get the results.

Drop Down Selection Fields

For drop down selection fields, click on the down arrow next to the input box. Make your selection.


There are 2 buttons available for each calculator. Only one button is required.

Calc Button

The Calc button is required to get the results of your input. Once all fields have been entered, click on the Calc button to get the results.

Reset Button

Although this button is not required, you may find it useful. The reset button will set all input fields and the results back to blank. This will come in handy if you have several food items you want to calculate the nutritional points values.

Use of the reset is not required. If you don't reset the fields, you can simply click on each input field again and put in a new value. Keep in mind the original input will still be there, so you will have to use your back key to delete the existing entry.

For drop down selection fields in the weight loss mobile app, make sure to select your new values before calculating your results.

Moving Between Calculators

To move from one calculator to another, you can do one of two things. First, you can click on the “NutriPts2Go” back button (located in the upper left of the application). This will take you back to the calculators home page. From there, just select the new calculator you want to use.

You can also easily switch to another calculator from the current calculator. On each calculator you will see buttons for each of the 3 calculators (just below the calculator name). Simply select the calculator and you will be taken to that feature.

Help / Feedback

To get support, provide feedback or ask for a new restaurant to be added to the application, you can do all of this from the help section of the application.

Click on the “Help” tab (bottom navigation of the application). From within the help screen, select the email link on the bottom of the screen. Then simply type your message and send us the email.

If your message requires feedback from us, someone will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks and enjoy being healthy while eating out with NutritScore 2 Go.

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