Water Aerobic Exercises

Water aerobic exercises are perfect for seniors, children and everyone in between. These exercises are a great way to get a fantastic and fun workout.

This form of aerobic exercises are generally done in shallow water such as a swimming pool. Some people refer to it as AquaFit or Aqua Aerobics.

There are some aquatic workouts that are performed in the deeper waters but many classes and exercise routines are done in the shallow water.

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These are not only a great way to get your workout but a great way to beat the summer heat. What I love about themis no one can tell when I’m sweating.

H2 What Are Water Aerobic Exercises?

water aerobic exercises

Water aerobics are typical exercises you may do on the land but instead they are performed in the water.

Some typical exercise routines may including walking or jogging in place in the water, hopping or jumping jacks, imitating cross country skiing and various arm movements.

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Many water aerobic exercise routines will also incorporate strength training movements.

The water provides an excellent resistance in order to tone and build your lean muscle mass

H3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Aerobics

As with any exercise, there are advantages and disadvantages as compared to other types of workouts.

Advantages of Water Aerobics

In addition to the typical benefits to exercise, aquatic exercises give you the added benefit reducing the risk of joint and muscle injury. 

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