Teenage Self Esteem

Teenage self esteem can be impacted by so many different things in their lives. They may have a low self esteem due to feeling inadequate at school, not looking as they want or not feeling as if they have the right friends. 

Teens can be extremely hard on themselves.

They may feel they are not tall enough or are too tall,

Perhaps they don't like their hair, weight or facial features.

It could be they don't feel they are good enough at sports, school work or fun activities.

Maybe they don't feel as if they measure up to parents and friends expectations.

No matter what the reason, a low self esteem can have many negative impacts on teenagers.

What is Self Esteem

Over time you develop a mental picture of yourself. What you are good at, what you look like, what your weaknesses are - basically an image of who we are.

teenager looking sadThis self image starts at a very young age. It is based on different interactions with other people like family and friends.

Body image is something that you also develop over time, but is more critical at the teenage years.

Body image is how your view your physical self. Whether you feel attractive and if you feel others like your look.

Body image, especially for teens, is closely linked to teenage self esteem.

Your mental image and body image contributes to your self esteem. Self esteem is more about how much you feel valued, loved, accepted and thought of by others.

Someone with a healthy self esteem feels good about themselves, is confident in their strengths and skills. They take pride in their accomplishments.

If you have a low teenage self esteem, you feel as if no one will like you, you won't do well at sports, school or other things.

Everyone experiences a low self image sometime during their life.

For teens, it is a difficult time in your life as you experience many different changes physically and mentally.

It is a time in your life when you are trying to figure out who you are and how to fit in. While this time can be very difficult, the good news is that your teenage self esteem is not your lifelong self image.

Since our self image and esteem changes over time with new experiences. So if you are feeling low and not as happy as you good be about yourself, don't fret - your self image is not fixed for life at this stage.

Influences on Self Esteem

So what influences teenage self esteem? Puberty and development can influence your esteem and body image.

This is a time when your body goes through lots of different changes. These changes along with the need to feel accepted by friends, can impact your self image.

It's a time when you many find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others. The problem with this comparison is that each teen will grow and develop at different times and in different ways.

Other influences to your self esteem include media and other outside sources.
Celebrities are always being highlighted in the media. Comparing yourself to a magazine picture of a model is not a realistic comparison.

Many of these images have been enhanced with airbrushing techniques, eliminating any flaws the celebrity may have.

teens in school on computersFamilies and schools can also influence how you feel about yourself.

Simple comments, that may not be intended to be harmful, can impact your self image.

For instance, parents may criticize their kids on their hair style, clothing selections or other styling preferences you have.

Kids from school may make comments that are hurtful and mean which can affect your self image and teenage self esteem. Even coaches and teachers comments can have a negative impact without realizing it.  

Importance of a Healthy Self Esteem

Having a healthy teenage self esteem can influence how you live your life. People who feel good about themselves are more likely to have better relationships.

They are more likely to ask for help when needed and feel they can accomplish their goals, solve problems and do better at school.

group of teenage girlsPeople who believe in themselves are more resilient.

They can recognize mistakes easier, learn from those mistakes and apply what they have learned to bounce back quicker from disappointments.

Having a positive and optimistic attitude can help you build a stronger self esteem.

Instead of beating yourself up when you make a mistake (and telling yourself you are a loser), shrug it off as being human and mistakes happen. Learn from those mistakes to become stronger, smarter and more positive about life.

Understanding what makes you happy and setting goals for your life puts you in control. It will make you feel capable, stronger and more positive about yourself.

Taking back your teenage self esteem is something we all have the power to do. Although when your self esteem is low, words like these don’t seem possible or is something that you just don’t want to hear.

Learning to have a positive attitude will go along way to help you achieve your goals. Here are some tips to help you boost your teenage self esteem.

Improving Body Image

As a teenager, body image is one thing that has a big influence on your self esteem. If you have a low body image due to being overweight (or thinking your are overweight) this may lead to a low self esteem.

Your body weight is not the only thing that defines who you are. There is a lot more to you as a person than your weight.

We come in all shapes and sizes and your body is unique to you. Improving your body image doesn't always mean losing weight.

happy teenage girlFocus on what is good about your body and not the negative.

For instance, are you strong and healthy? Do you have healthy skin, shiny thick hair?

Do you like the color of your eyes, the size of your nose.

These are positive body images. If you are still concerned about your weight, check with your doctor to see if it is in fact a concern.

You may be within the acceptable weight range for your age, height and gender, but just a little more rounded than some of your friends.

This doesn't mean you are fat and you may not need to lose any weight. It just may mean you are developing differently than your friends.

Find the Good About Yourself

Humans are not perfect. We will make mistakes and find flaws about ourselves. While we are not perfect, we are not all bad. Everyone has something they like about themselves. 

Focus on what you do like about you. For instance, are you good at a particular subject in school, or maybe you are a straight A student. 

girl with puppyAre you kind to animals or have a great sense of humor?  Are you easy to talk to and give good advice to your friends? 

Perhaps you are always the top scorer on the video games.  It does not matter how small you may think these accomplishments are it means that there is more to you than you think.

Build your teenage self esteem by giving yourself compliments each day. Tell yourself you hair looks nice today, or that color brings out the blue in your eyes or that you did great on a pop quiz in school.

Also think about things that gave you pleasure during the day. It could be as simple as the weather outside, a favorite song on the radio or a funny joke you heard.

By focusing on positives about yourself and your day, you can start to change how you feel about yourself.

Change What You Can

If there are certain things you want to change, and is within your control to do so, then make a plan. When making your plan, set some realistic goals and aim for accomplishments but not perfection.

Perhaps you want to improve your health by eating better and being more active. If your goal is to exercise 3 times a week for the next six weeks, then plan it out and identify what days and times you will exercise.

Also make out your meal plans. If you want to limit the number of times you eat out, instead of at home, then keep track of this as well.

planner bookBy tracking your goals you can see your accomplishments.

Making a goal is a great way to boost your teenage self esteem.

Your changes don't have to be just about body image.

You can also set goals to get better grades or change your current study happens.

It could even be goals to be more outgoing and meeting new friends. Just remember to set goals on things you can change.

Other Self Esteem Boosters

Other methods to build teenage self esteem can be simple and small things. Here are just a few.

teenage boy playing guitarTry New Things

Trying something new gives you a chance to find hidden talents you may have. If you find something you like and are good at, then celebrate your newly found talent. Show off this talent to friends and family.

Stop the Negative

When you start to think negative about yourself, stop. Instead, think of some positive things and reinforce your self image with the positive.

Work With What You Got

If there are things about yourself that you don't like but can't change, like your height, learn to accept it.

If you feel you are too short, just tell yourself and others that dynamite comes in small packages.

If you feel you are too tall, stand up straight and say that you are preparing to become a runway model or the next NBA star.

If you think your body is not properly proportioned, wear clothing that will lengthen or shorten your legs, waist, etc.

Just remember to block out the negative, focus on the good, show off your accomplishments and remember we are all unique and special in our own ways.

If you want to lose weight to improve your teenage self esteem, check out these teen weight loss tips.

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