Resistance Band Exercise Videos

Lower Body Strength Training

Here you will find several resistance band exercise videos with step by step instructions for your lower body strength training.  

This page includes the squats, lunges and kick back exercises.

The muscles trained with these moves include the quandriceps, glutes, hamstrings and spinal erectors.

The main movers for these are the quadriceps (thighs) and glutes (buttocks).

So if you want to tone and tighten your rear end, strengthen your thighs and get a great workout, then check out these exercise videos.

Additional resistance band lower body exercises can be found on this page. These include the calf raise, outer thigh hip abduction and the inner thigh hip abduction.

So be sure to add these to your strength training routine to really work the lower body muscles.

Lower Body Resistance Band Exercise Videos

You should have a couple of resistance bands with varying strengths so that you can use a higher resistance band when needed.

If you are just starting out, use the lower resistance bands first. Do 4 - 8 repetitions of each move.

As the muscles begin to strengthen, add more challenge by moving to a higher resistance band. You can also increase the number of repetitions for each move.

Lower Body Resistance Band Exercise Videos List


This lower body resistance band exercise video really works your glutes and really tones the buttocks.

As you do this exercise be sure to sit back on your heels, like sitting down in a chair, to minimize strain on your back.

How to do the Squats
  1. Place the resistance band under the arches of both feet and stand with legs about shoulder width apart.

  2. Grab both ends of the resistance band, one end in each hand.

  3. Bring both arms up with elbows bent to your shoulders with the resistance band slightly behind you.

  4. Keeping your hands by your shoulders, slowly bend your body as if sitting in a chair putting your weight on your heels until thighs are about parrallel with the floor.  Keep your back straight careful not to arch your back.  

  5. Return to starting position and repeat for 8 to 16 reps.
The video below demonstrates the squat and adds an overhead shoulder press, combining two resistance band exercises into one.

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This exercise is also great for strengthening and toning your glutes as well as your thighs working two of your larger lower body muscles.

How to do the Lunge
  1. Place the resistance band under your right foot and place your left foot behind you.

  2. Grab the resistance band at each end and bring your hands up to your shoulders with the band slightly behind you.

  3. Keeping your right foot and heel on the ground, place your left leg behind you with your toes placed on the floor. 

  4. Bend down until your right thigh is even to the floor.

  5. Slowly return to starting position squeezing your glutes as you come back to start position.

  6. Repeat this for 8 to 16 repetitions and then repeat on the other side.

This particular resistance band exercise videos demonstration adds an additional step to really work your glutes

Resistance Band Exercises: Lunges -- powered by

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Kick Back

I call this exercise my butt blaster.  It really works your glute muscles and also your hip muscles.  When doing this exercise pull your belly button in to also engage your core and abdominal muscles.

How to do the Kick Back
  1. Get down on the floor on your hands and knees in a pony ride position.  

  2. Wrap the resistance band around your right foot and grab both ends of the resistance band with your right hand.

  3. Raise your right leg bending the knee and kick your leg back and up slightly until knee is straight.

  4. At the top of this move, tighten your glute muscles.

  5. Now slowly return to starting position.

  6. Repeat for 8 to 16 reps and repeat on the other side.
This resistance band exercise video demonstrates this move using an exercise bench.  However you don't need a bench you can just perform the exercise on the floor.

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