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Working from Home with Site Build It

This is not a "make money online" scam nor is it a get rich quick scheme. This is a real way to make money online with real work. How do I know? I am a Site Build It owner who makes money by working at home.

About 6 years ago my job, like so many others, was moved to another country.

Not wanting to move again, I decided to look for employment right here in the states.

Whether it be the economy, my age or my experience (over or under qualified) I had very little success in getting interviews.

It became apparent to me that I needed to do something that was not down the regular beaten path.

In order to save my sanity and generate some income, I had to look for other options.

So I began my search on the web. And believe me I found lots of "get rich quick" scams and "make money from home" schemes. While I looked at some of these, dismissed most of them, I was wondering if there was anything legit that I could do.

Then I stumbled upon it, a Site Build It success story.. This was the beginning of my new career - from home! These were real people, just like me, making real money by creating a website. Not just any website, but one they had passion for.

My Journey

SBI! Monthly Billing OptionAfter a couple of weeks of researching and reading up on Site Build It, I made my decision.

I purchased my Site Build It and began my new career as a webmaster.

Okay, maybe not a webmaster but I was becoming a web developer.

I am not going to lie and say I wasn't scared. This was nothing like what I had ever done before. While I used to work in Information Technology, I was far from a programmer.

I knew nothing about creating a website. The beauty of SBI is I could get started right away without learning how to create the "code" behind the pages.

So I created my first website (this one right here) back in May 2008. It required work and effort on my part, but that's what I was looking for.

I wanted to make money online without all the scams and get rich quick methods. I wasn't afraid of hard work, in fact after being unemployed for awhile, I was ready for some real work.

After a few months and lots of research, I was starting to build up my website with useful content and informative pages. After a few short years, I have 450+ pages on this site.

That's a lot of information that has brought in lots of traffic - and is now earning me a decent 4 figures a month allowing me to work from home.

How to Make Money

You may be wondering how this website makes me money. I don't sell any weight loss pills or exercise equipment. In fact, I don't sell anything at all. So how do I earn income?

Basically, I am an affiliate marketer. Put another way, I create websites about subjects that interest me, I build traffic to my sites and I earn commissions by referring products from my site. I also make money with Google ads on the site.

Why I Chose Site Build It!

If you have done research on website hosting then you know SBI is not the cheapest. So why did I go with SBI instead of a cheaper hosting service? Well the simple answer is that I was not just buying a website hosting service, I was buying much, much more.

With Site Build It you get more than just a place to host your service.

There are so many tools to help people like me that knew nothing about building a website.

These many tools help you build an eye catching site, build lots of valuable content, drive traffic to your site and earn money by maximizing your monetization model and so much more.

After looking at all the valuable tools, the cost of hosting a website and the fact that I was a "newbie" and needed lots of guidance, the price for SBI was well worth the money spent. In fact, to me it was a bargain.

So my mind was made up and I invested in my new career by purchasing my first SBI site.

Will it Work for You?

You might be asking yourself, will this work for me? Can I make money online with my own website? The short answer is, yes if you work at it. Not everyone succeeds at making money with a website. Some fail while others do very well.

It all boils down to picking the right theme, building valuable content and working to get there in order to make money online.

If you follow the SBI Action Guide and put some real effort into it, you will have a better chance of success than those who just throw up a website with very little effort and hope for the best.

I have had success at building traffic to this site which allows me to make money online. But I'm not the only success story. SBI has lots of case studies that highlight lots of successes in different niches and markets.

Check out SBI if you are ready to work from home and make money online.